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The Primis Player SDK supports both iOS and Android. The SDK enables publishers to fully embrace the online and mobile web opportunities in-app while tackling the challenges publishers encounter - without losing content, technology, or expertise.

  • Apps built with the Primis Player SDK obtain a fully working Primis player with most of its web functionalities.


䷴ Developer Info

For developer information about the Primis Player SDK, please refer to Primis Player SDK for Mobile Apps.

Create a Placement as SDK

  1. Start the Placement Wizard.
  2. In the Inventory Type list, select Mobile App.
  3. In the Integration Type list, select Mobile App SDK.
  1. Complete the remainder of the Wizard

Export SDK Tags

  1. Select the checkbox of the placement whose tags you wish to export.
  2. Go to the Primis SDK Integration Guide for more information.