Player Dynamic Parameters

Primis tag is a javascript tag that can be placed on an HTML page anywhere in the BODY tag. The tag contains initial configuration parameters for the player that will be downloaded on the page.

It is highly recommended to set all of the parameters inside the Primis publisher's dashboard.

Each Primis Tag Consists of:

  • script tag of type text/javascript and language javascript
  • A source to the video tag script, as follows:
  • Query string parameters that will set the placement specifics

Tag Examples

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="[CACHE_BUSTER]"></script>

Parameters List

Here are the possible tag parameters that can be set on the tag. The default value is empty unless stated otherwise.

General Parameters

sintegerPlacement id (mandatory)
xintegerWidth of a fixed video player
yintegerHeight of a fixed video player
subIdstringA custom identifier used to logically separate traffic types within same placement bounds
pubUrlstringURL of the page where the placement is. Needed only in the TAG runs inside a SafeFrame
cbusterintegerCache buster
vp_contentstringVideo content/playlist id to display
vp_templatestringVideo player template id
gdprConsentstringExternal GDPR consent string
ccpaConsentstringExternal CCPA consent string
schainstringPublisher's schain encoded data
playerApiIdstringFor activation of Primis Player API

Float Parameters

floatDirectionstringPosition of the floating unit on the page. Possible values:
bl - bottom-left
br - bottom-right
tl - top-left
tr - top-right
floatVerticalOffsetintegerVertical margin between the floating video and the edge of the page (in pixels). If the floatDirection is top-left or top-right, the margin is between the top of the page and the top of the video. And vice versa for the bottom100
floatHorizontalOffsetintegerHorizontal margin between the floating video and the edge of the page (in pixels). If the floatDirection is top-left or bottom-left, the margin is between the left of the page and the left of the video. And vice versa for the right side10
floatWidthintegerFloating video width400
floatModestringSet where the floating unit will appear relative to the Primis tag on the page. Possible values:
both - below and above
belowboth - same like in a "both" mode except that at the first time floating unit will not be shown above the main player and only if the user will scroll down and back and pass the main player unit, the floating will continue moving up
floatCloseBtnintegerWhether the close button is shown (1) or not (0)1
flowCloseTimeoutintegerSet up the time in minutes the floating won't appear, even after the refresh, after the user has clicked the close button0
flowCloseButtonPositionstringSet up the close button on the float player. Possible positions:

Mobile Application Parameters

diaidstringIOS IDFA or Android AID, plain
appNamestringMobile application name
appStoreUrlstringMobile application page url in Apple or Google Play Store
appBundleIdstringMobile application bundle Id
appIdstringApplication Id (IOS only)
appVersionstringApplication version
appPrivacyPolicystringApplication privacy policy
appIsPaidintegerApplication is not free
appDeveloperstringApplication developer info

Google Ads Manager Parameters

ParameterPrimis Equivalent