Latest Platform Updates

27.05.2022Primis PlayerSDKAndroid SDK new version 1.7.0
02.05.2022PlatformAPINew API Version 2.19
01.05.2022Primis PlayerSDKIOS SDK new version 1.6.0
11.04.2022PlatformAnalyticsAdded Region filter to reporting
31.03.2022Primis PlayerSDKAndroid SDK new version 1.6.0
27.03.2022Primis PlayerAMPEnable HLS in AMP pages
10.03.2022Primis PlayerSDKAndroid SDK new version 1.5.0
06.03.2022Primis PlayerSDKIOS SDK new version 1.5.0
02.03.2022PlatformAnalyticsScheduled Reports improvements
26.01.2022Primis PlayerWebClick to Play mode
26.01.2022PlatformAPINew API Version 2.18
23.01.2022PlatformAnalyticsAdded new filter - Inventory Type
18.01.2022PlatformAnalyticsReleased new Device Type values
10.12.2021Primis PlayerAMPAdded support for obtaining user consent from AMP pages
15.11.2021MonetizationPrebidUpgraded to version 5.18

Scheduled Reports

We added some improvements to our Scheduled Reports capability, you'll now be able to:


New Player Mode - C2P

We released today a new player mode - Click to Play


API Version Upgrade

We upgraded our Platform API solution to version 2.18.


Inventory Type - New Filter

We released today a new filter in our reporting\API, Inventory Type.


New Device Type Values

Happy to share that we released today new Device Type values.