Create a Placement

Placements are locations on your website or application where your videos are displayed.
New placement are created in the Placement wizard:

  • The Placement wizard provides a quick and easy way to start working with the Primis Video Discovery platform for new and experienced users.
  • The Placement wizard assists you to create a Video Discovery Placement, select which videos to play, choose the most suitable player design, and select demand.
  1. Start the Placement wizard:
  • In the Dashboard click Create New Placement.
  • In the Placements tab, click Create.
  1. Enter the relevant Placement wizard information as described below:

1. Create Placement

Placement Name: Enter a name for your new placement.

Integration Type: In the drop down, select a tag in the format of your choice:

  • Google Ad Manager: Use Google Ad Manager as your ad server
  • Google Ad Manager Out-of-Page: Choose this option to record of out-of-page impressions
  • Hard coded: Add Primis Player tag inside an HTML document.

Inventory Type: Adapt your Video Discovery Placement to a web or application device. In the drop down, select either AMP, Desktop / Mobile Web, or Mobile App.


Primis and AMP Format

Primis supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format - a Google-backed project, designed as an open standard for any publisher to have ads load quickly on mobile devices. When you select AMP as your inventory type, there are some differences to other Inventory Types. See Primis Supports AMP Format for more information.


Primis Player SDK

Apps built with the Primis Player SDK obtain a fully working Primis video player with most of its web functionalities. See SDK Support for more information.

Video Player Width / Height: Specify the dimensions of the video in pixels.

Responsive Size:

  • Turn in this option to ensure the video always expands to fill the width of its container while maintaining its original aspect ratio.
  • Turn off this option to make the video non responsive.

Floating Type: Specify how the video floats:

  • None - Static. Not floating
  • Floating - Static when in view, floating when not in view
  • Sticky - Always floating
    Specify if the floating type options are for Desktop settings, Mobile settings, or both.

When you have completed all the required information, click Next Step.

2. Select Playlist

Create a new playlist from a recommended list, or select an existing playlist.
Our recommended playlists, which are constantly updated and optimized by our Primis' content team, are perfect for any given vertical and cover a wide range of topics.

3. Player Design

Create a new template with basic settings, or select an existing template for both Desktop and Mobile pages.
When creating a new template, specify the player skin, the control layout, and control color.

4. Select Campaigns

Choose the campaigns you want to monetize your placement.

By default All campaigns are available, User needs to select the relevant campaigns.

5. Overview

Confirm and save your settings.
Note: It is possible to edit placements after they have been saved (see Placements).

6. Show Tag

After confirming your settings in the previous step, an HTML tag is generated.
Either download the tag, or copy and paste it into your page's HTML source code.

Click Return to Placements. The placement you created is displayed in the Placements tab.


Export Tags

Export the tags of a created placement, see Export Tags for more info.