Generate a Report

In the Reports tab you can generate a variety of different reports to keep track of your videos' performance.
For example, automatically generate an Ad Server report every hour; Have the report auto-emailed to the relevant stakeholders.


Define the Report Filters

Choose to include or exclude the following from the generated report

  • Specific placements
  • Specific countries
  • Specific browsers
  • Specific operating systems
  • Specific devices
  • Specific inventories
  • Specific data. For example, choose to generate a report that doesn't show the average viewable duration

Define the Report Parameters

  • Report Type: Choose the type of report you want to generate.
  • Time Interval: Specify the timeframe you want to analyze.
  • Statistics Setup: Define the time frame for the statistics to be setup
  • Delivery Option: Receive the report via an email or in the browser
  • Report Format: Specify the report's format
  • Timezone: Specify the timezone to run the report
  • Reporting Hierarchy Use this feature to generate add different hierarchies to the report
  • Domain Filter: Add a domain filter
  • Fold domains: Generate a report that includes/excludes fold domains
  • Min. Impressions: Specify the minimum impressions threshold. Videos not reaching the minimum threshold of impressions are excluded from the generated report
  • Save Report: Enter the info required to save the report

Run a Report

After defining the report's filters and properties, click Run Report.
The generated report is displayed in the Report Results tab (inside the browser).

  • Click CSV to download the report as a .csv file.

View Reports

  • Click Scheduled Reports to view a list of all scheduled reports
  • Click Saved Reports to view a list of all saved reports

View Reports as Charts

  1. Load the report you wish to view.
  2. Click Chart. The report opens as a chart.
  3. Click the chart categories (Date, Imps., Rev RPM etc.) to hide or show its data.

Define the Math Filters

  1. Click Math Filters.
  2. Define the math filter properties to effect the outcome of the report.
    For example, to generate a report that only shows revenue higher than $10,000, enter >10000 in the Revenue ($) field.

Hide/Show Report Data

  1. Click Columns.
  2. Check the data you wish to show, or clear the data you wish to hide.

Delete a Report

  1. In Reports, click the Saved Reports tab.
  2. Select the report to be deleted.
  3. Click Delete Report. When prompted, confirm wish to delete the report.


Good to know:

The Report Glossary describes the metrics and descriptions for all the different data types.