Welcome to your Video Discovery Platform

Gives publishers a clear overview of all their activities on the Primis platform, and increases the amount of control they have over their Video Discovery player.
The dashboard integrates content and monetization activities into one area, including the new content syndication program and publisher’s demand monetization.

What You’ll See on the Dashboard

The publisher dashboard is comprised of 11 in-depth and intuitive charts, tables, and graphs. They map out the main metrics and data points Primis publishers use on a daily basis and can be customized to any timeframe. They can be broken down further into the four main elements of Primis’ publisher partners: Overall Monetization, Content Performance and Engagement, Demand Drilldown, and the Syndication Program.

Video Discovery Dashboard



The first section provides the monetization part of Video Discovery and gives a clear overview of the publisher’s bottom line.

  • Video Discovery Summary – This is where the publisher gets an overall view on monetization. It includes metrics such as revenue, viewable impressions, impressions, RPM, and viewable RPM.
  • Top Placements – This shows the publisher their highest-earning placements by revenue, impressions, and RPM.
  • Revenue by Country – Here the publisher can see how much revenue they are earning from traffic broken down by country, with the same metrics available for Top Placements.

Content Performance

The second section provides insights on the main metrics that signify how users engage with your video content.

  • Content Summary – Provides an overview of the main metrics that publishers need to know regarding the performance of each piece of content on their domains, including; publisher video views, Primis library video views, overall engagement rate, and VTR.
  • Top Channels – The table and chart display the top 5 content channels that are playing on the publisher's domains with the number of views, VTR, and engagement rate.
  • Top Categories – Here is where the publisher can see their top-performing content categories using the same measurements available for Top Channels.

Demand Drilldown

In the third section, publishers can observe the performance of their various campaigns. This includes both Primis Marketplace campaigns and the publisher’s demand.

  • Demand Breakdown – This graph displays overall revenue from the Primis Marketplace vs. the publisher’s demand revenue.
  • Top Campaigns – Here the publisher can get an overview of the performance of their own demand by campaign, revenue, impression, and CPM.

Syndication Program

Primis offers its publishers the option to syndicate their content with the rest of the Primis network, allowing them to grow their reach and brand recognition, as well as generate additional revenue.

Syndication activity includes the performance of the publisher’s videos on other publishers’ assets.

For publishers that exclusively use the Syndication Program, only the Syndication Performance section will be displayed. If you are a Primis syndicator and are interested in expanding to our other services, then please reach out to your account manager and we will be happy to assist.

  • Syndication Program – An overview of the metrics publishers who syndicate their content most want to see; revenue, views, VTR, and engagement rates.
  • Top Syndication Channels – This graph and table display the leading channels being syndicated, broken down by channel, views, VTR, and engagement rates.
  • Syndication Revenue by Country – This map and table rank the top-earning countries in the syndication program.