Platform Wizard

An automated magical tool to help you get started

The Primis Wizard provides a quick and easy way to start working with the Primis Video Discovery platform for new and experienced users.

The Wizard will help you create a Video Discovery Placement, select which videos to play, choose the most suitable player design, and select demand, all in a single tag.

Enter the Primis Wizard through the Dashboard by clicking on Create New Placement.

1. Create Placement

A Video Discovery Placement is the place on your website or application where your videos will be displayed.
Create your Video Discovery Placement by adjusting a few basic settings.

  • Choosing the right "Integration Type" will allow you to create a tag in the format of your choice
  • "Inventory Type" adapts your Video Discovery Placement to a web or application device
  • You can set the player's Width and Height or turn on Responsive Size to fit the player on every screen
  • Enable Floating Mode to increase unit viewability on-page. Reach out to your PS manager for more details

2. Select Playlist

Choose your content! You can create a new playlist from a single "Recommended List" or select a playlist from a list of existing ones.
Our recommended playlists are constantly updated and optimized by Primis' content team, are perfect for any given vertical, and cover a wide range of topics.


3. Player Design

Create a new Design with basic settings or select from pre-existing templates for both Desktop and Mobile pages.

  • A wide selection of "Player Skins" lets you choose the layout of the player that is most suitable for you
  • The "Controls Layout" will help you choose the location of the control elements
  • Select your color of choice

4. Select Campaigns

Choose the campaigns you want to monetize your placement.


5. Overview

It's time to check your selected settings. After confirmation, all settings will be saved.
Further changes are possible through the edit placements mode.


6. Your Tag Is Ready

Great, we are good to go, all settings are saved and your tag is ready.
Copy the code and add it to the HTML page.


Welcome to Primis.